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UK Children's Diabetes Research

Who is this site for?

This website aims to cover current UK research initiatives in childhood (type 1) diabetes.

It is aimed primarily at researchers, and of course, study participants, without whom there would be no research.

The site does not set out to be a general childhood diabetes advice and information site - if that is what you're looking for, we suggest you visit Diabetes UK, and for a good patient's-eye view of research in the UK see the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Current UK initiatives

How do I participate?

In the UK most clinical services are arranged through NHS (government-funded) local clinicians, who are responsible for the care theirpatients receive.

This makes the concept of a "national register" or a "national audit" possible - but also means that rather than volunteering spontaneously, most study subjects will be invited to participate by their care team.


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